Friday, March 11, 2011

Growing old...Not for Sissies!

When I was younger I had ALL the answers!  I was an expert on all subjects, confident about all answers and believed firmly that life was simply about setting goals and reaching them.  Today, at almost 55 years old, I am beginning to think that there is a SLIGHT possibility that MAYBE I don’t know everything…oh, who am I kidding!  Not only do I not have all the answers…I am not even sure I know all the questions!
            How did this happen?  I used to have my whole life mapped out, planned.  I was strong, invincible, courageous and confident beyond belief.  I knew what my life would be like; work, marriage, children, where I would live, and what I would look like!  I planned it all!  It was going to be PERFECT!  Of course that was BEFORE I actually TRIED any of those things!
            Oh, don’t laugh.  You did it too!  Fess up!  We have all done it!  As little girls we play house, or school or maybe pretend we are a professional woman with the perfect house, husband and a 6 figure income.  (or maybe that was just me)  As teenagers we look at bride’s magazines and plan the perfect wedding.  We ooo and ahh over other people’s babies and see ourselves strolling down the side walk with a happy baby and a hunky husband by our side.
            Life was going to be perfect!  And then…well…then…life begins.  Once we start the journey we spent years dreaming of, things happen that we would have never imagined.  The economy takes a downturn and you can’t get a job.  That perfect baby has colic, health problems or is just ADD.  Somehow your Barbie mansion looks more like a bungalow, and that perfect shape has been viciously sabotaged by Krispy Crème Donuts. (oops, just me again)   And THAT my sisters is just the beginning!
            As we age things that worked, just stop working!  Those stupid infomercials toting strange products to replace or repair what time and nature have let slide have us getting out our credit card!  And don’t even get me started on menopause and hot flashes!
Our children age and somehow we go from having little ones wanting to either marry us (our sons) or be just like us (our daughters) to teenagers united in the belief that we know NOTHING!  Our once hunky husbands also take a hit in looks, energy and health over the years too.  I suppose that is a good thing.  Imagine the stares if Fabio was married to Betty White!   
            So what’s a girl to do!  Hang in there baby!  Know that you are NOT alone!  We are all walking the same path.  While we may be at different spots along the way, have different struggles and victories our journey’s are remarkable similar.  If you are at a good place in your life reach out and give a sister a hand up.  If you are struggling ask a sister for help.  God created the Church because He knew we would need each other…and we do!
            Don’t suffer in silence believing that everyone else has it together and you are the only one struggling.  We all struggle, we all cry, we all rejoice.  Let us help each other as we walk the path that leads to an eternal home with God. 
            Pray!  Pray together, pray alone, pray for each other, pray for yourselves! 
Talk!  Find someone you trust to share your struggles with.  There are some wonderful Christian women who may know more about what you are going through than you realize. 
And last but certainly not least, remember.  Remember that this life is a vapor that will someday vanish away.  We are but pilgrims traveling through this life to get to that one important goal, eternity with God.  BUT, while we are here let’s love one another, support one another and carry one another’s burdens.  It will make the trip easier for us all!
No, growing old is not for sissies. But the journey can be made oh so much easier when we do it together.  So ladies…will you grow old with me?  After allBEST IS YET TO COME!  


  1. Wow! I'm so glad you found my blog! I heard you speak at a ladies' day we hosted several years ago. I am thinking it was while we were at Sun Valley church of Christ in Higley, Arizona, but I'm not positive. We have moved often and have worshipped with several congregations in Northern VA (Fairfax church of Christ), the Tampa Bay area (Bell Shoals church of Christ), the Phoenix area (Sun Valley, Mesa church of Christ, and Camelback church of Christ), and Warren County, TN (Viola church of Christ, Bybee Branch church of Christ). We are now in lovely Spring Hill, TN worshipping with the Southern Hills church of Christ in Franklin, TN.

    I just loved the way you sprinkled humor all through your lessons, but was still able to teach the meat of the Truth. I still have the cassette tape of your lessons, but I don't have a cassette player to listen to it. ;)

    Thank you for this lesson on life. We have been put in some situations that I never thought we would experience, but God gave us opportunities to grow spiritually and rely on Him more and more.

    Lisa Hilton

  2. Thank you for the invitation! I am LOVING growing old with you! So happy God brought you into my life!